An Emerald Polocrosse player on the fly.
An Emerald Polocrosse player on the fly.

Capella given the slip at final hurdle

IN a true underdog display, Capella B-grade has come within a whisker of pulling off the upset of the weekend at the Capella Polocrosse carnival.

Battling poor playing numbers and a club with a fierce reputation, Capella stood their ground almost to the death before falling to the Bauhinia 2 side 15-8 in the final.

“We were undefeated through to the last round,” Capella club captain Richard Wilson said. “It was a bit disappointing because we had actually beaten them before.

“But we did really well to get to that stage.”

The Capella club has had their back to the rope for a number of years with dwindling membership forcing a reduction in the number of teams they field in carnivals each year. But still they forge on.

“It’s a general theme that has been running with our club for a while now – we could definitely do with more numbers,” Wilson said.

Bauhinia again stamped their dominance on the tournament edging out St Lawrence in the A-grade final as well.

In stark contrast to Capella’s membership worries, the Emerald Polocrosse Club’s playing ranks have seen a welcome reprieve in recent months and it was showing out on the pitch.

The club rallied no less than five open teams and two junior teams a week earlier for their own carnival at the Emerald racecourse.

Juniors also stepped up to the plate to form almost the entire Emerald 5 team.

The junior representatives of Cameron Corkill, Marty Gleeson, Shiana Marr, Brad Spreadborough, Bree Spreadborough and Nabraska Poke performed exceptionally well in the senior competition but despite the good roll-up, a win remained elusive at the club’s home carnival.

From the Central Highlands teams, Emerald 4 finished runners-up in the F-grade and Capella wound up second to Bauhinia in E-grade.

Individual prizes presented to Emerald’s competitors included the Junior Encouragement award to Danielle Butterfield, Best Presented Horse and Rider to Nick Gleeson, and Best and Fairest female player in F-grade to Bree Spreadborough.

Capella carnival winners

C-grade: Rest of the World def Emerald 3

B-grade: Bauhinia 2 def Capella 1

A-grade: Bauhinia 1 def St Lawrence 1

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