UPDATE: Pharmacy staff member Aysha McCall was in a back office of her Nicklin Way workplace when a car ploughed through the shopfront.

"We just heard a crash," Miss McCall said.

"We came out to a shop full of smoke.

"An elderly gentleman has just gone forward instead of reverse."

Emergency services were called to the Chemmart Kawana Waters pharmacy at 11.09am.

Miss McCall said the driver and his wife had been in the store just prior to the crash.

They were both checked over by medical staff but did not require hospitalisation.

Staff were grateful there were no customers in the front section of the store when the car hit.

Tow truck drivers remove a car from the Chemmart Kawana Waters pharmacy shopfront.
Tow truck drivers remove a car from the Chemmart Kawana Waters pharmacy shopfront. Che Chapman

Burnt rubber on a car park bollard indicated the accelerator may have been held on for a while after the impact.

The store reopened about an hour-and-a-half after the crash.

Glaziers were this afternoon working to secure the business so it could be locked up overnight.

EARLIER: Emergency crews are on the scene of an accident where a car has driven into the front of a Kawana chemist on the Sunshine Coast.

The Commodore appears to have jumped forward from a parking space, crossed a walkway and smashed into the chemist beside the Kawana Waters 7-Day Medical Centre.

It is believed the vehicle's two occupants escaped without serious injury. 

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