Emerald actor Andrew Carbone played Max “Tangles” Walker in the mini-series, Howzat!
Emerald actor Andrew Carbone played Max “Tangles” Walker in the mini-series, Howzat! Contributed

Emerald's Howzat! rising star

ANDREW Carbone wasn't born when media magnate Kerry Packer hatched his scheme to rock the cricket establishment to its core with the concept of World Series Cricket.

He would have been just out of nappies while the rest of the nation was singing a rousing chorus of "C'mon Aussie C'mon," and one of television's most popular ads featured a laconic bloke named Max "Tangles" Walker and a kid who grabbed his can of Aerogard and said, "avagoodweekend Mr Walker".

The ad was one of the few research tools used to nail the voice of Walker for Emerald-born Carbone, who played the spin bowler in the Channel Nine mini-series, Howzat! - his first major acting role.

From Braeside Rd to the iconic beach suburb of Sydney's Bondi and a role in the highest rating mini-series in recent history, Carbone is suddenly riding the wave of success.

"It is pretty awesome," the 31-year-old, whose family owns properties near Capella and Springsure, said.

"I was sitting at home watching Howzat! and it was pretty amazing … for me, I was just blown away by how well it turned out.

"It's just such a great story more than anything else."

The QUT drama school graduate admits he fell into acting by accident.

"Mum was quite creative and always had a soft spot for the arts, and it was always something in the back of my mind to have a go at," Carbone said.

He was more the sporty type at school - into swimming and a bit of rugby union which resulted in two games for the Capella Cattle Dogs against Emerald and Clermont.

"The year I was playing with them they were definitely the wooden spooners."

At a towering 187cm, he has a physical resemblance to the young Walker and under the tutelage of former Test and World Series Cricket player Ray Bright, he mastered the bowling action.

"I got the audition from my agent and flew down to Melbourne. I had a bit of growth at that point and gave myself a handlebar moustache and went in and did my best impersonation of Tangles," Carbone said.

"I found out a couple of days later, and within two weeks was back in Melbourne shooting it.

"We did a couple of sessions in the net because Tangles had a pretty tough bowling action, and we were basically playing cricket when we weren't shooting.

"It was a real boys' show. A lot of fun.

"Ray gave me a lot of insight into Tangles and what he said about him was he was actually a keen photographer and took a camera with him everywhere he went.

"For all of us, playing these great old cricketers felt pretty special."

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