SOMETHING’S FISHY: Koi carp, a noxious pest in Queensland waterways, have invaded the Nogoa River system.
SOMETHING’S FISHY: Koi carp, a noxious pest in Queensland waterways, have invaded the Nogoa River system. Contributed

Schools of carp have been found in the Nogoa river system

GLOBAL teen sensation Justin Bieber has something fishy tattooed on his arm, and generally, he's not regarded as a noxious pest.

But the koi carp is, and for the first time it has been found in Van Dyke and Medway creeks, which feed into the Fairbairn Dam.

Lochington property owner Peter Loch is convinced the invasive species is now in the Nogoa River system as a result of the 2008 and 2010-11 floods.

Mr Loch once again raised the presence of the pest at a rural services meeting in Springsure last month, after claiming no action was taken when he first informed a fisheries department employee in 2011.

"The fisheries department has known about it for 18 months and they have been out here and done nothing," Mr Loch, who caught and froze a specimen to back up his claim, said.

"They're all in the Nogoa system above the Fairbairn Dam, so I imagine the dam would have a lot of them.

"After the floods, normally the creeks are filthy and you can't see in the water, but they became clean and we could see them swimming around.


"(Neighbour) Cathy Hawkins went walking down Medway Creek taking photos and it wasn't just the odd one - there were schools of them up to 18 inches long."


Mr Loch said he feared the brightly coloured carp, introduced from Asia as a sportfish in the late 1800s, had already wreaked havoc on native species.

"I would surmise they have depleted the yellow belly from a lot of waterways because no one has caught one for a long time," Mr Loch said.

"You wouldn't know how they got into the system.

"Either someone let them go to get rid of them or they could have washed out of someone's pond in the floods.

"But considering we only noticed them in 2011 and they were huge fish then, they didn't just get washed out in that flood.

"I reckon they've been here for a long time. Since then we've heard a few reports about people who thought they saw funny fish around for a long time."

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