Do you fit the bill?
Do you fit the bill? Ian Lee

WANTED: Quintessential Aussie truckie needed for TV ad

COULD you and your truck be the next star of the silver screen?

Well-known casting directors Heesom Casting is scouring the state for someone to play a characterful Aussie long-haul truckie type. Could this be you?

No previous acting experience required, they are looking for the "real McCoy".  

Casting director Angela Heesom said the SA-based company was looking for someone aged 40-60 for whom trucking was their life, along with a love of their dog, who's always alongside him on every trip, and his loving family he returns home to after every long run.

"This guy knows trucks, loves trucks and is always up for a good yarn with a mate at a trucking stop or on a front bar stool," she said. 

The television commercial production, which is being made for a big worldwide brand, is shooting between July 28 and August 7; three to four days on the road with a professional film crew, shooting in South Australia and or New South Wales. 

"Should be fun, and well paid as well," Ms Heesom said.

If you're interested, go to the casting director's Facebook page here for more information. All that's required is a couple of snaps of yourself and, if you have a truck or dog snaps of them too, although those two items not essential to be considered.  

Submissions close end of tomorrow (June 18) so get online quick.  

The Heesoms have cast all the major picks out of SA for a long time now, so this could be your chance to be their very next star!  

The last movie they did that involved trucks was Wolf Creek 2 where the fearsome Micky Taylor was driving a brutish 18 wheeler,  so ….  who knows where this one might lead. 

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