Castrate sex offenders: Wellington

MP Peter Wellington.
MP Peter Wellington.

SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Wellington says he knew his call to “microchip”and castrate convicted child sex offenders would rattle civil libertarians.

But he stands by his comments made in Parliament yesterday because he firmly believes the practice would help police know the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders on a regular basis.

He says the protection that society expects to be afforded to the most vulnerable within our community was not happening.

During a debate of the Child Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, the Member for Nicklin said:

“We microchip animals. I believe that we need to go further.

“Why can we not jolly well microchip these people if they are convicted of serious sex offences?

“I believe we should jolly well go further and send a clear message to Queenslanders and people who want to visit Queensland – if you come here and if you are convicted, we will jolly well microchip you and we will track you in Queensland.”

Mr Wellington then called for the castration of convicted sex offenders.

“While I am talking about being provocative, what is wrong with castration of these people?” he said.

“What is wrong with it? Why are we so concerned we cannot castrate them? I say let’s jolly well do it.”

He told the Daily today his views had been shaped by a case before the courts involving a “very young girl” who had been “preyed upon”.

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