Cathay Pacific now has 11 flights into Brisbane each week and new services start soon.
Cathay Pacific now has 11 flights into Brisbane each week and new services start soon. Contributed

Cathay Pacific expands

IF YOU'RE old enough to remember back to the '60s and early '70s and think fondly of your yearning for travel back then, you will be reminded of how expensive flying was.

An airfare from Australia to the UK back in those days could cost as much as a new car or a deposit on a house.

With today's competitive airfares and early bird deals it's hard to imagine such extravagance - but it was so.

The only cheaper travel alternative was by sea and a trip from Australia to the UK took six weeks.

It was 30 years ago on August 4, 1982, when the first Cathay Pacific flight touched down at Brisbane airport.

The latest Boeing 747-200 aircraft had 35 first-class seats, 36 business class seats and 337 economy seats.

It was great excitement for Queensland travellers who had previously had to start and end most international flights from Melbourne or Sydney.

That one flight a week back in 1982 has now increased to 11 flights a week in and out of Brisbane giving freedom and options to Queenslanders.

Last year Cathay Pacific brought 100,000 passengers into Brisbane.

From October 3 this year, Brisbane passengers on those 11 flights per week will be able to enjoy new economy class and premium economy cabins as well as business class cabins. More flights, more comfort.

The premium economy seats are much less expensive than business class, but come with plenty of extras including a dedicated check-in counter and a welcome on-board drink and, of course, the all-important, extra space.

Brisbane flights will take passengers to Hong Kong where multiple connections are available to anywhere in the world.

The flights have been re-timed to enable even better onward connections to key destinations in mainland China and the Indian subcontinent.

In-flight menus on Cathay Pacific now include new "Cathay Pacific Signature Chinese Dishes".

The dishes follow authentic Chinese recipes and traditional taste.

They will be served in business, premium economy and economy class cabins on selected flights from Hong Kong to long-haul destinations and feature Hong Kong specialities and traditional tastes.

Cathay Pacific was recently named "Best Airline - Food and Wine" in the Frequent Business Traveller GlobeRunner Awards.

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