Caught on camera: 3 bad drivers in Toowoomba

BAD drivers of Toowoomba beware, there are dash cameras watching.

Motorists have been busy filming incidents of odd driving behaviour in the Garden City.

Here are thee of the most recent incidents.


1. Stop in middle of street and reverse

What do you do if you miss a turn while driving in the CBD?

Simple, just reverse back.

In this video, the driver with the dash cam is heading north on Neil St.

After heading through the intersection at Margaret St, he comes across a strange sight.

A car is stopped in the middle of the street, indicating left with its reverse lights on.

It proceeds to reverse before making a turn.

"What the hell are you doing?" the driver wonders.

Going to a car park apparently.


2. The lights are red, why aren't you moving?

You've got to feel for this driver.

He's just doing the right thing and he gets beeped for his troubles.

The incident took place on Ruthven St, heading south near Northpoint Shopping Centre.

Cars are seen stopped at traffic lights.

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When a bus light turns green, one anxious driver takes off.

The lights remain red, but that doesn't stop another motorist from beeping the driver with the dash cam as if to say: "why aren't you moving?"

"Everyone goes! Except for me... but I get beeped at for not running the red," the motorist wrote on YouTube.


3. CBD gets smoked out by chimney

Okay, technically this doesn't count as a bad driver but we put it in the list anyway.

In this video it's the Settlers Inn Hotel that's the culprit.

Drivers are seen heading east on James St on a rainy day recently.

The famous inn obviously has a steady fire keeping its patrons warm.

But a rather large log must have been placed in the fire because suddenly a large plume of smoke rushes out.

The smoke gets thicker and thicker until it obscures the vision of some of the motorists.

Only in Toowoomba!

What do you think of Toowoomba's drivers? Have you say in the comments below.


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