Central Highlands Mayor Kerry Hayes.
Central Highlands Mayor Kerry Hayes. Karin-Ane King

Central Highlands council to announce levee decision

Update 3.43pm

Central Highlands council have announced they will follow recommendation and will not proceed with the flood levee.

THE long awaited levee decision by the Central Highlands Regional Council will be announced today at the general council meeting.

According to the Levee Business Case Report- Emerald Flood Protection Scheme executive summary outlined in the agenda minutes, the Benefit Cost Ratio indicates the building, operating and maintaining levees outweigh the potential direct benefits.

The construction of the Emerald Flood Protection Scheme, a system consisting of five levees would provide flood immunity for Emerald but cost $200 million.

The direct benefits of reduced flood damage, reduced social impacts, agricultural land impacts and residual value benefits to the community and the indirect benefits like reduced insurance premiums and improved property values, are marginal compared to the cost.

The decision will be announced at the meeting from 2.30pm today.

More to come.

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