CFMEU attacks Rinehart's comments

GINA Rinehart's "bizarre" comments that Australians should spend less time drinking and more time working demonstrate why our mining billionaires should not lead Australia's economic debate, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union said today.

The comments, published in today's Australian newspaper, reveal the twisted logic of our richest person, said CFMEU National President Tony Maher.

"At the same time as trying to import cheap foreign labour and avoid paying tax, Rinehart claims it's millionaires and billionaires who are the greatest for social good. What planet is she living on?"

Rinehart said Australians should spend less time drinking, smoking and socialising and more time working if they were "jealous" of millionaires.

"To start, Gina Rinehart was born into a mining fortune. She didn't get there through her own initiative.

"Once you have a mining fortune it's not hard to build on it - especially in an era of record prices for Australian resources," said Mr Maher.

"There's nothing wrong with that - but Gina Rinehart is doing her best to try and stop other Australians benefiting from our mining boom and from her mining empire.

"She has railed against the fair and sensible mining tax.

"She should spend less time ranting and more time sharing.

"We need an economy that works for everyone - our mining billionaires should not be dictating the terms of Australia's national economic debate."

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