Google’s new +you concept is similar to Facebook.
Google’s new +you concept is similar to Facebook. Chrissy Harris

Change hard for Facebook users

YEARS of photos, friends and wall-posts have gone into making a Facebook profile, and Faye Ktajjar isn't about to throw that all away.

Google's answer to Facebook, 'Google +', has come too late to the social networking party, according to Ms Ktajjar, and no amount of hype can tempt her to start a new profile from scratch.

"I've been on Facebook for five years - I've got a lot of contacts and photo albums," she said.

"It takes a lot of effort to make a new account and I'm not going to do it."

Ms Ktajjar's loyalty to Facebook comes despite the fact there are a lot of features about the site that irritate her.

"It's constantly changing and it's hard to keep up," she said.

"The new notifications system is ridiculous and too invasive. I don't like that."

If Google + and Facebook were released at the same time, people may have had a chance to compare the two sites and decide on a favourite, Ms Ktajjar said.

"Maybe Google Plus came out so long after Facebook because they were taking their time perfecting it, making sure that it was seamless.

"But I've already made one transition, from Myspace to Facebook, and I'm not about to go and do it all again."

The only thing that might sway her was if Google + took on feedback that Facebook ignored.

"I reckon if Google + had a 'dislike' button, everyone on Facebook would make the change," she said.

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