Cheesecake looter becomes internet hero


America has been stopped in its tracks by protests across the nation over the death of unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of police.

Images and footage of the demonstrations, which have occurred in at least 30 cities across the US, have left the world stunned, with many unable to comprehend the scenes of police firing rubber bullets at protesters, dousing them in tear gas, and buildings and cars being set alight.

One alleged looter, however, has taken the internet by storm for a different reason, after being caught on camera by a local news station in Seattle, carrying a whole cheesecake through the chaos.

The video of the unidentified woman quickly went viral, with people dubbing her a "hero" for swiping the dessert amid the bedlam.

"You see someone actually walking away with a cheesecake there after the Cheesecake Factory was looted," the KIRO 7 reporter tells viewers.

"Unclear where they may have gotten that."

"I'm in tears from that person walking out the looted cheesecake factory with a whole cheesecake in tow," one person tweeted, while another said they hoped she had a "wonderful day".

KIRO 7reported that the windows of The Cheesecake Factory, where the woman may have gotten the dessert from, where completely smashed, with looters seen taking bottles of liquor and desserts from a display cabinet.

The riots also saw police cars and vehicles torched, buildings vandalised and windows shattered.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced an emergency curfew from 5pm to 5am on Saturday and Sunday, in an attempt to bring the violence and damage across the city to an end.

"I hope that we can treat each other with the kindness and compassion that we all deserve during the unprecedented and trying moment in our history," Ms Durkan tweeted.

"I think that we will see the message of destruction is not as strong as the message of hope, love and peace."

The Mayor declared a civil emergency, banning the use of weapons - including pipes and rocks - throughout the city and asking Governor Jay Inslee to put 200 members of the Washington National Guard into action.

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