Dad bashed in front of son, 10

Recovering from being attacked, Simon Mackay holds a picture of his son Michael, 10, who witnessed his father being beaten by a gang of youths on Saturday night.
Recovering from being attacked, Simon Mackay holds a picture of his son Michael, 10, who witnessed his father being beaten by a gang of youths on Saturday night. Craig Warhurst

A DISTRESSED Shenoa Abbey had tears in her eyes yesterday when she told of how her son was having nightmares after seeing his father beaten up on Saturday night.

Ms Abbey’s partner Simon Mackay was bashed walking home from Nelson Reserve just after 10.30pm.

He had headed to the youth festival being held in the park to walk his daughter home, she had been watching the local band showcase.

Before leaving the house he asked his son Michael, 10, if he wanted to go for a walk.

A decision he now regrets.

As the pair walked along Monkland St they paused to cross the road.

Mr Mackay said he was pushed from behind by a youth in a gang of three while he was holding his son’s hand.

They both fell onto the road.

What happened next has rattled Michael’s parents both Mr Mackay and Ms Abbey and will change his life forever.

The gang repeatedly punched Mr Mackay before running off.

He was delivered a broken nose, broken rib and a hairline fracture of the jaw, as his son watched on while hiding in nearby bushes.

Luckily his daughter had gone to stay with a friend.

What hurts Ms Abbey the most was Michaels words: I’m sorry Mummy, I couldn’t protect Daddy.

“What am I meant to say to that,” she said yesterday with tears of anger welling in her eyes.

When the mother of six found out about the incident she rushed to the scene on Saturday night.

Confronted with her son, shaken from witnessing the bashing and being pushed onto the road and her partner covered in blood, Ms Abbey’s first instinct was to go and be with her family.

She organised for a friend to walk her son home but when she wanted to see her partner and get him badly needed medical treatment she was wasn’t allowed near him.

Ms Abbey said the police stopped her, told her to leave and when she refused they handcuffed her and threw her in the watchhouse.

She has bruises from the incident and has been charged over it.

“I’m more than distressed. This isn’t right. I’ve been in trouble before but I don’t deserve this,” she said.

Ms Abbey said she would fight the charges.

She believes the police targeted her because of the way she looked.

“Any other wife would have been able to go over and stand with her husband and son. I went down there, truly believing they would be on my side.”

Michael returned to school yesterday for the first time since the incident, but wasn’t doing well.

“Whatever happened to one on one?” Mr Mackay said of the fight.

Both parents agree it was bad enough to be attacked, let alone someone doing it with a child present. Mr Mackay said he would talk to police about possible charges against the youths who bashed him.

Police Union President Ian Leavers is standing by police.

“All people concerned in the altercation were interviewed and their stories differ.

“The man who alleges he was assaulted ... has declined to make a complaint, and the woman has been witnessed telling people she will take the matter into her own hands.

“As such, police acted entirely appropriately and the police union stands by all officers involved in this matter,” Mr Leavers said.

“I am concerned the woman making these allegations has serious credibility issues as the police involved acted entirely appropriately during the incident.

“The woman making these allegations allegedly threatened witnesses with violence and advised her de facto not to make a complaint to police.”

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