Graham Hanson with his last remaining chicken after seven had been stolen from his property over the last week.
Graham Hanson with his last remaining chicken after seven had been stolen from his property over the last week. Rob Williams

Chook crooks leave carnage behind

AN IPSWICH man has been left baffled by the apparent theft and killing of seven of his treasured egg-laying chooks.

Graham Hanson said he feared whoever was responsible for taking his Lohmann Browns was into something far more sinister than just plain chicken stealing.

The birds were taken during two separate incidents; one on the night of November 15 and a second theft on the night of November 19, after Mr Hanson purchased four new chooks to replace the ones that were initially stolen.

What has Mr Hanson, 71, and even his loyal neighbours so perplexed is how the thieves somehow accessed a locked shed on the second occasion without breaking the lock.

"After the first theft I decided to keep them locked up in the shed overnight," Mr Hanson said.

"When I came down here on the Sunday morning after the second incident the lock was still on the door.

"I opened it to check on them at 5am and there were no chooks."

There was in fact one chicken remaining, which somehow managed to evade the thieves on both occasions.

Mr Hanson believes this hen has a habit of lying well out of sight in the top corner of the shed.

Although Mr Hanson's neighbours couldn't recall seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary in the past week; one of them found plucked feathers and blood in his yard.

Another neighbour found one of the chickens' heads in their front yard.

"It looks as though they've gone into my neighbour's yard and wrung the chickens' necks," Mr Hanson said.

"It worries me that we've got that type of person around.

"Is someone killing chooks to feed some kind of blood sport or what?"

Neighbour Garry Saunderson confirmed that traces of Mr Hanson's chooks had been scattered around his yard following the second theft.

Mr Hanson has since purchased an even bigger padlock for his shed and reported the incidents to police.

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