Mellissa Chick.
Mellissa Chick. Contributed

CHRC 2017 by-election: Mellissa Chick

Her slogan is "A voice for you!", and council nominee Mellissa Chick said her aim is to "listen, provide guidance where I can, and take people's issues and concerns to council to find workable solutions".

Ms Chick, who was born and raised in Emerald and is a school teacher with three children of her own in local high and primary schools, said she was also determined to communicate with the community about council's plans and procedures.

"We've got a very pro-active council doing lots of great things, and the community is unaware of what they're doing.

"We need to use other outlets and improve our social media and promotion platform and communicate the great things our council are doing for our region.

"I want to be available, and I'm making it my mission to be there and talk to people and find out what the issues are. It's about listening to what people need and communicating that to council for change."

MsChick said she was dedicated to ensuring children had sporting opportunities, and as Emerald Brothers Junior Rugby League Committee Secretary, she was a firm believer that many life lessons were learnt through playing sport such as getting along, sharing, being kind, and accepting loss and defeat.

As a teacher with Gindie State School and Comet State School, Ms Chick said education was also important to her.

"I have a passion for our youth and education. I value our area and believe there is no better place to raise a young family. There are so many great employment opportunities for school leavers and our area is rich with diverse businesses and industries.

"I relish in the opportunities our children have and the way our communities are passionate and support the development of young athletes in our communities."

Ms Chick is a volunteer in the community with sporting clubs, the Emerald Breast and Prostate Cancer Sub-committee group of Queensland, and school groups and activities.

Ms Chick said she would work toward ensuring sustainability through the region, now the mining boom had passed.

"Our agriculture sector is a very steady and a reliant industry in our communities and they need to be represented and supported through council too. Additionally, to this is the hub of our towns, small businesses, which have been struggling along but staying open to serve the needs of each town in our region. I want to ensure they are given a voice too."

Ms Chick will be at the Gemfields on Tuesday, September 19, at the New Royal Hotel, Rubyvale, from 11am, and is inviting residents to "come along and have a chat".

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