Ross Grierson.
Ross Grierson. Contributed

CHRC 2017 by-election: Ross Grierson

SCHOOL chaplain at Emerald State High School and Denison State School, Ross Grierson, will promote family health and continuance of care for families if his nomination for a position on council is successful ahead of September's local by-election.

Mr Grierson said this week that he was concerned many people who needed care, did not receive ongoing support when it was required as funding or contracts expired after 12-month periods, leaving a client or patient without "continuancy of care".

He said he believed that people in need of care and help with mental health issues was increasing, especially men's health and men dealing with alcohol abuse and depression.

"But alcohol abuse is not the problem, it's depression which is caused from businesses going broke and all sorts of issues in the area."

Mr Grierson said he had spoken with small business operators in the area, who as remote companies often felt "forgotten and left in the lurch".

"They feel that the attitude of the government is to shut the towns down and they feel forgotten."

Mr Grierson, who is also secretary of the Shed Happens organisation which meets monthly at the Emerald Showgrounds, said he was in the process of setting up a men's shed.

On other topics, Mr Grierson said it was important to maintain the aesthetics of the region so it looked attractive and appealed to people who would then be enticed to stay in the area, and contribute to the economy.

"We need to water the parks and make them look attractive so people will want to stay for the lovely lifestyle here.

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