Christine Steffens is aiming to be the first woman in Australia with a nitro funny car licence.
Christine Steffens is aiming to be the first woman in Australia with a nitro funny car licence. Sarah Harvey

Christine's race to be fastest mum

CHRISTINE Steffens only wants one thing for Christmas this year - the title of Australia's Fastest Woman.

The Glenore Grove mother-of-two is on the verge of becoming the first woman in Australia to hold a Nitro Funny Car licence, allowing her to drive the fastest drag cars on the planet.

If she achieves her goal, the 500km/h-plus speed she will hit during her licence test will be enough to earn her the crown.

Born and bred in Ipswich and having done most of her racing at the Willowbank Raceway, Christine said she couldn't wait for the chance to secure the licence on her home track.

"In 200 metres I'll be doing 400 km/h plus," she said.

"These cars are pretty much the fastest thing on the planet.

"In one cylinder our car has more horsepower than a whole V8 supercar. The only thing that has more power than these cars is the space shuttle."

With all that power underneath her you would think Christine would be a little nervous.

Far from it.

The car has two fire extinguishers on board, and Christine said her body would be covered in fireproof under-clothing and a 20-layer kevlar race suit.

She does admit though that things don't always go to plan.

"Ten years ago I wrote off a modified car," she said

"I went over the top end at Willowbank at 170mph but I wasn't injured. You're just so safe in these cars these days.

"I actually feel safer in the drag car than I do getting to the track."

While the number of women competing in the high octane past-time has been increasing in recent years, the top level of the sport has remained a male dominated zone.

But as the daughter of former Bathurst driver Wally Scott and the wife of drag racer Ricky Steffens, it's hardly surprising Christine is leading the female charge.

"Dad was a driving force for me," she said. "I'm also really lucky I have a husband who can do a lot of the work.

"There are a lot of girls now in the junior dragster competition, which is for eight to 17-year-olds, but then they find boys."

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