Jenny Catalano shows off her pride and joy, her 1935 Ford V8 utility.
Jenny Catalano shows off her pride and joy, her 1935 Ford V8 utility. Nicholas Falconer

Classic ute goes back on show

SOME people may call it hoarding but Jenny Catalano sees collecting antique cars, farming equipment and household items as preserving history.

Earlier this year the Nambour woman bought the ultimate vintage machine, a 1935 Ford V8 ute from its second owner Walter Jeremy.

The vehicle was originally owned by William Whalley of William Whalley's Store on Currie St in Nambour.

It was bought by Mr Jeremy after Mr Whalley's death.

Mr Whalley had the car on display in his store in the 1940s.

It will be showcased on the main street from Friday - this time at the Autobarn store.

Yesterday, Miss Catalano said her decision to put her new car on display was about taking the car back to its original home.

"The car is in good working order," she said.

"They don't make them like they used to."

She said the vintage classic was the perfect addition to the collection but would not disclose how much she paid for it.

Her passion for "all things old" stems from her dad, 75-year-old Lex Mackay.

She said he loved to collect.

Miss Catalano said it started as "a father, daughter thing" but now hoped all their hard work could be displayed in a museum.

The world's first utility - a Ford V8 - was developed by Ford designer Lew Bandt and built in Australia in 1934. It was built at the request of a Victorian farmer.



William McDougall Whalley (1871-1952):

  • Came to Nambour with father James and family in 1884
  • Worked for Watson Brothers Plumbers until he started his own plumbing and general business in Mitchell Street (1896-1901)
  • Purchased Currie's Store in Currie Street in 1901 and in 1924, following a large fire in the street, built Whalley's Chambers and General Store. It was destroyed by fire on December 13, 1946

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