TERRIFYING: David James Horsfall, 26, was armed with a meat cleaver during the home invasion.
TERRIFYING: David James Horsfall, 26, was armed with a meat cleaver during the home invasion. CityState

Cleaver-wielding ice addict terrorises women

COMING off ice and in his own words, "losing his s**t", David James Horsfall, 26, armed himself with an meat cleaver and stormed his way into a Quay St home.

His exact motive remains a mystery, but regardless of what prompted the February 20 home invasion, the house he entered was the wrong one.

He didn't know the three women or the 20-year-old man inside, and when confronted he was overpowered and left with a cut above his head.

But Horsfall didn't stop there. He returned with a shovel, further terrorising the residents.

In Bundaberg District Court on Friday Horsfall pleaded guilty to one count each of burglary at night while armed with violence, common assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor David Nardone said it was about 10pm when Horsfall approached the house carrying the meat cleaver.

Horsfall pushed past the 20-year-old man and entered the home, causing the three women to scream as they tried to hide.

Mr Nardone said Horsfall demanded to know where someone was, but was repeatedly told he had the wrong house.

Fearing for the women, the 20-year-old took action, punching Horsfall in the head and face.

Those brave actions, commended by Judge David Kent, saw Horsfall flee, but 15 minutes later he returned armed with a shovel.

There was a second confrontation, a chair was thrown and Horsfall's last action, before fleeing for a second time, was to throw part of a mail box at the man, cutting his arm.

Part of the incident was caught on camera by one of the women and Horsfall was identified by police.

Defence barrister James Benjamin said Horsfall was extremely remorseful for his actions.

He said at the time he was addicted to ice, emaciated and had issues controlling his anger.

Mr Benjamin said during his time in pre-sentence custody Horsfall had gained 25kg, was committed to rehabilitation and was putting his ice issues behind him.

In sentencing Horsfall, Judge Kent said while he did not have a victim impact statement, it wasn't needed to image how terrifying it would have been for the victims.

"The trauma inflicted upon those people is obvious," he said.

Judge Kent sentenced Horsfall to a head sentence of three years jail with a parole eligibility date of July 9 next year.

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