Ashley Noffke fields for Laidley cricket team in the game against Brothers.
Ashley Noffke fields for Laidley cricket team in the game against Brothers. Claudia Baxter

Coach impressed with young players

WESTERN Australia may not have known it, but Ipswich played a significant role in their four and one-day losses to Queensland in Perth last week.

Queensland bowling coach Ashley Noffke was playing for Laidley to honour its former teammate Michael Brennan at the weekend as the bowlers he coaches took Queensland to the top of both the Sheffield Shield and national one-day ladders.

"They've accepted my advice really well," Noffke said of Queensland's young fast bowlers.

They include Ipswich product Cameron Gannon and Alister McDermott - the son of Ipswich's former test spearhead Craig McDermott.

"They really listen to what I'm saying and they contribute to how they think they're going to get better," Noffke said.

"As a coach I like the players to buy in on that - with their own ideas on how they're going to improve."

Noffke has been particularly impressed with 22-year-old Gannon.

"He's got plenty to offer," Noffke said. "He has bowled really well in this game (against Western Australia).

"Darren (coach Darren Lehmann) was very happy with him in the west.

"He's tall and gets good bounce.

"We're working on building his pace up. It will be an advantage to him.

"He gets good shape on the ball and were working on getting the seam more pronounced."

As impressive as his ability is his willingness to learn and implement the things suggested to him.

"He's taken on all the advice and really had a go," Noffke said. "That's the main thing - don't be afraid to fail.

"It is the guys that try things and back their methods that will succeed."

Gannon is equally impressed with Noffke.

"He's helped me out massively," Gannon said.

"He's brought a whole lot of experience and knowledge of the game. It's helped us all out a lot and he's a massive reason why we've had the success we've had."

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