Sunshine coast man Jaydee Deering is living in a German refugee camp after his tourist visa expired.
Sunshine coast man Jaydee Deering is living in a German refugee camp after his tourist visa expired. Contributed

Coast man sick, stranded in German refugee camp

A SUNSHINE Coast man has ended up in a German refugee camp after health and relationship woes led to him overstaying his visa.

Jaydee Deering said he was placed into refugee accommodation at Neuruppin about six weeks ago.

Mr Deering has been in Germany since June, having travelled to see his wife.

He was only five days into his recovery from surgery at Nambour General Hospital when he took off.

Both of his femoral arteries were treated with stents as a part of his treatment for peripheral vascular and cardiovascular disease.

All up he said he had 22 stents in his body.

Mr Deering said he lived with his wife until it came time to apply for a family visa to extend his stay to 12 months.

But he said they had an argument and she left him.

"It was caused by the stress we had been going through," Mr Deering said.

He said he had a minor stroke the night she left.

"The German police found me outside our old apartment and called the ambulance.

"I refused to go as I had no health insurance but later I had to go.

"The pain was like a thunderstorm in my brain."

Mr Deering said he spent seven days in hospital.

He said heart and vascular tests showed he had developed new blockages in both of his femoral arteries, as well as in his aorta, iliac artery and one behind his knee.

His tourist visa expired while he was in hospital.

Sunshine coast man Jaydee Deering has posted photos from the German refugee camp he is living at.
Sunshine coast man Jaydee Deering has posted photos from the German refugee camp he is living at. Contributed

He had no money, visa or accommodation when he came out so stayed in a homeless shelter before being moved to the refugee camp.

Mr Deering said he was staying with Afghan, Russian, Syrian and Chechen refugees.

"I'm not coping well physically.

"I'm exhausted and psychologically I'm totally alone as only one other person speaks English."

He said the Australian Embassy had contacted his family but nobody had any money to help him.

He said German health authorities had offered to do an operation every month for the next five months to treat his blockages.

His first operation is booked for Thursday.

"My toes are going purple from my arteries closing down."

But he says the German government does not want him to stay for five months and wants to deport him.

"Three specialists have insisted that I shouldn't fly without treatment."

Mr Deering is concerned about travelling and wants to do the journey in stages.

He is trying to raise money to fund the trip.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said the department was aware of Mr Deering's situation.

"We are providing consular assistance to an Australian citizen receiving medical care in Germany in line with the Consular Services Charter, including coordination with German authorities about his situation," the spokesman said.

He said the government urged all Australians to purchase travel insurance suited to their personal circumstances.

"All travellers should consider their medical condition before committing to overseas travel and have contingency plans in place, for example with friends, family or employers, in case something goes wrong. 

"The Australian Government does not pay medical bills or for medical evacuation overseas."

For more information on Mr Deering's fundraising efforts visit and search "Help get me home safe to Australia". 

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