Maroochydore's Mitch Coleborn leads the Australian team at the Billabong World Junior Championships.
Maroochydore's Mitch Coleborn leads the Australian team at the Billabong World Junior Championships. Nicholas Falconer

Mates stunned by Coleborn arrest

SUNSHINE Coast professional surfer Mitch Coleborn faces up to six months in prison and having his name put on a sex offenders register after he was charged in Canada.

The revealation yesterday about Coleborn, 23, has stunned his Coast mates.

He was arrested doing a nudie run – which they have described as a bit of “Aussie exuberance” – after a surfing contest on Vancouver Island.

Coleborn was celebrating the end of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, on Canada’s west coast, in which he finished eighth.

The North Shore Boardriders’ member has voluntarily surrendered his passport and must now wait a November 1 court appearance in Tofino’s Provincial Court, on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast .

The surf event was won by fellow Australian Josh Kerr.

Coleborn had a fourth-round loss to eventual runner-up, America’s Eric Geiselman.

Things spiralled out of control during what appears to have been an all-night party which ended with the nudie run.

He was seen by children and adults about a block from Tofino’s Wickaninnish Elementary School.

Coleborn is charged with committing an indecent act and faces having his name included on the Canadian sex offenders register.

If he is convicted, his travel to a number of United States tournaments, including the prestigeous end-of-year Hawaiian events, may be curtailed.

“He is alleged to have exposed his genitals in a public place to people, including several children,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Jeff Preston said.

“Alcohol was definitely a factor.

“I can’t verify he (Coleborn) was partying all night but it (the alleged indecent act) happened at 8.40am on Friday.”

Beach Beat surf proprietor Al Hing described Coleborn as a “great surfer and good kid”.

“This is genuinely out of character,” he said.

“He really is a good kid.”

Friend and fellow North Shore Boardriders’ member Matt Clark said there would have been nothing but exhuberance behind the nude run.

"There would be a lot of people out there who have dropped their dacks and done a run,” Clark said.

“It was just a bit of Aussie culture that has offended someone.

“It’s out of character.

“He’s a really nice guy and pretty well behaved.”

Sources said Coleborn had been contracted to US surf company Volcom since he was 18. He had always been level headed.

“He took his first contract money and bought a house at Lake Currimundi when he was 18,” one said.

“He wasn’t wasting it drinking and partying.

“He’s always been one of the quieter ones (in the boardriders’ club).” Coleborn was arrested Friday morning (US time) and remained in custody until the evening when he was released on bail.

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