One of the G20 protests.
One of the G20 protests. AAP Image - Dave Hunt

Coast MP blasts G20 as "$400m chinwag' for Newman

SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Wellington has blasted the G20 summit in Brisbane as a '$400 million chinwag' and the "most expensive PR exercise in Queensland's history".

In a post on his Facebook site, the Independent MP, who is a fierce critic of Premier Campbell Newman, said the talkfest, featuring world leaders including Barack Obama, had produced little more than a three page document promising more global growth.

The most recent estimates have put the cost at about $485 million.

"... this chinwag cost taxpayers $400 million dollars, tied up 6000 police, three naval destroyers, fighter jets, attack helicopter and sent Brisbane into lock down for three days,'' Mr Wellington fumed.

"And for what? The Brisbane Plan a three page document with more than 800 reforms which IF and the operative word is IF, implemented could lead to among other things, an increase in global growth.

"We saw Newman strutting his stuff rubbing shoulders with world leaders showing off the Brisbane he saved from the floods.

"Abbott was there muscling up to Putin and giving him the firm handshake, but poor Obama got the cold shoulder for daring to push climate change.

"Leaders were wined and dined on Queensland's best, they queued for a photo shoot cuddling a koala and were ferried between their luxury hotels and meeting places in vast motorcades of bullet proof cars with attack helicopters flying overhead, police lining the barricades and fighter jets circling. Certainly an amazing sight for peaceful laid back Brisbane,'' Mr Wellington wrote.

"Rallies which had more police escorting them than protesters were so quiet and incident free they would have gone under the radar of the visiting VIPs.

"And, all the police snipers sitting on the rooftops in 40 degree heat got was heat stroke.''


The post attracted a flurry of comments and shares on Facebook.

David Graham Parker wrote: "The good thing is, Peter, now the entire world knows first hand what Australia has to offer. That Australia is worth saving and visiting. And most importantly, they saw FIRST HAND that Tony Abbott is NOT the man to lead Australia. ''

Andrew Oosen wrote:  In this, our technological age we live in. Wouldn't it be smarter, safer and a hell of a lot cheaper to run these chinwags via video link???

Gail Lipke And all the while our outback rural people and their country is dying without a thought from any level of government. And all that expensive food that they may have eaten did it all come from Australian farmers/ I think not. Charity starts at home get out there and see the real state of this country not a clean as and unpopulated Brisbane.

Adrian Dwight Schonfelder Fair shake of the sauce bottle as the G20 was important and organised prior to Abbott becoming Prime Minister. I'm a Labor voter and detest the Liberals but acknowledge the importance of the G20 meetings so Thank God for Obama for highlighting the importance of Climate Change!

Jean Catherine I am normally one for agreeing but the G20 was very worthwhile. Anyone complaing about 2 days of lock down proves yet again Aussies have become the whinging country. Most people overseas don't even know about Brisbane or heard of it but thankfully do now. About time it was Brisbane not Sydney or Melbourne on the world stage. All companies have board meetings so why not a G20 for world leaders who run the world

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