Coast sparky and nurse claim $1.13 million Keno prize

A SUNSHINE Coast electrician and his nurse wife have this afternoon claimed the mystery $1.13 million jackpot that went off on New Year's Eve at Nambour RSL and Citizens Club.

Keno's last millionaires for 2017 have been playing the same special hand-picked numbers, which include their birthdays and home street address, for 10 years, but had to wait three days to find out they'd won the massive $1.13 million cash prize.

The overwhelmed winners, who have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 17 years and wish to keep their identity private, were alerted to the fact they might be holding the ticket after hearing a local radio station announce that Keno were looking for the winner of a Nambour RSL jackpot.

"I was listening to Mix FM this afternoon at work when I heard them say someone had won $1.1 million at Nambour RSL Club on New Year's Eve, so I rang my husband at work to tell him to go and check our ticket," one of the winners said.

"I ducked in to the club between some jobs," her husband added. "I thought it would only take five minutes to check the ticket and I'd be out.

"But when it came up on the screen, it said to call the service centre. The manager said, 'I have to phone this number to check the ticket'.

"Then he came back and told me I'd won it.

"I was a bit stunned. I don't know how to feel, really."

He explained that the couple would otherwise not have checked their ticket for another fortnight.

"We just go to the club every couple of weeks and put on 10 numbers for $10 at $1 a game, and four numbers for $1 a game for 10 games.

"We check the ticket the next time we go in, so it's likely we wouldn't have found out until the following weekend."

The Sunshine Coast jackpot is the last to be won during Keno's 20th anniversary in Queensland, which marks two decades since Keno was first offered in the state back in 1997.

The winners plan to use their cash prize to pay off the mortgage on their house, buy a dual cab ute, and give some money away to their nieces and nephews.

They say that while they don't plan to retire straight away, they'll stop working at 60 to enjoy their Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

The winning numbers were 2, 4, 6, 28, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 69.

Queenslanders win $26 million on average each month playing the game in pubs and clubs around the state.

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