Sunshine Coast high school students will be among the first to trial a new online test for learner drivers.
Sunshine Coast high school students will be among the first to trial a new online test for learner drivers. Kevin Farmer

Coast students to trial new online test for learner drivers

STUDENTS from a Sunshine Coast high school will be the first to trial a new ground-breaking online learner driver test which could replace the multiple choice written paper.

The state government will today unveil plans for the trial of PrepL in six schools, including Mountain Creek State High.

Acting Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Steven Miles said PrepL was a high-tech, safety-focussed online test that would allow drivers to complete their learning and assessment anywhere and anytime, at their own pace.

It will push learner drivers through an intensive and interactive course, including driving simulation tasks and powerful real-life interviews.

"Drivers under 24 are Queensland's most at-risk road user group and are 60% more likely to be involved in a serious crash than more mature drivers," Mr Miles said.

"PrepL is used across multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers.

"If successful, the current 30 question paper test would be overhauled for the first time in four decades and rolled out across the state as early as next year."

Mr Miles said Queensland was leading the way nationally on improving outcomes for new drivers and PrepL had been developed to ensure the next generation of drivers were as prepared as they could be before hitting the road.

"Young drivers have a greater susceptibility for risk-taking behaviours, succumbing to peer pressure and other driver distractions such as mobile phone use," he said.

"Students won't just learn the road rules with PrepL, they'll learn why the rules exist, and in a virtual environment, they will experience the consequences of poor driving behaviour.

"PrepL will ensure that learners not only know the road rules, but understand the impact of the Fatal Five: speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving while fatigued and distraction."

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