Coles explores options in how to best support Australia's farmers.
Coles explores options in how to best support Australia's farmers. Molly Glassey

Coles will 'match donations dollar for dollar'

COLES has announced they are looking for long-term solutions to help struggling farmers, rather than following Woolworths' lead to bump up milk prices.

A Coles spokesperson said the company has been exploring additional options in how to best support Australia's farmers.

"Coles is passionate about supporting our farmers and producers and in the past six months has committed $16 million to support this important industry,” the spokesperson said.

This includes contributing around $4 million to almost 640 dairy farmers through the Coles Dairy Drought Relief Fund and more than $7 million in partnership with the Country Women's Association, resulting in over 2300 additional grants for drought-affected farmers.

"We are ensuring that drought assistance initiatives are as efficient and effective as possible. At the moment, there are a variety of different models being adopted by retailers and producers,” the spokesperson said.

"Coles is committed to finding a better model that can be adopted by the industry to assist Australian farmers, and intends to liaise with relevant parties including government and the ACCC.

"In the meantime, Coles will continue to look at ways to support Australian farmers, including by collecting customer donations at our supermarket registers nationally from Monday, February 25, until further notice. Coles will match these donations dollar for dollar,” the spokesperson said.

"Coles also knows that many customers in Australia face cost of living pressures and doesn't want them to be disadvantaged through price increases.

"We also note that the ACCC has previously examined the Australian dairy industry and concluded that house brand milk pricing does not negatively impact farmgate milk prices,” the spokesperson said.

"Coles is seeking a long-term solution that does not disadvantage our customers and supports our dairy farmers.”

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