Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola return as Daniel and Emma in season three of Rosehaven.
Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola return as Daniel and Emma in season three of Rosehaven. ABC-TV

Comedians find new courage in latest season of Rosehaven

THREE seasons into Rosehaven and stars Luke McGregor and Celia Paquola have relaxed into their roles.

The comedians and best mates created the comedy series, which is set in Tasmania and based on a fictionalised version of their friendship.

"We were a little braver with having the characters be the focus as opposed to a specific plot point," McGregor says.

"Rather than have something big happen that sent them here and there, we try to let it be a bit more about their story.

"In episode four we've just got them on a road trip and for a lot of it it's just Emma and Daniel in the car chatting about dumb stuff. We let the characters sit in the scene a bit longer.

"In season one we were so scared if they weren't always doing something people would switch off. Now we know what each character would do in different situations. I would know exactly what Daniel or (his mum) Barbara would say."

In the first episode of the new season, McGregor enjoyed the novelty of writing a pet pig into the storyline.

"When we wrote it we were like 'Yeah I'm sure a pig can do all this stuff'. We got lucky this animal sanctuary had a pig, Ned, who they were training to be on camera," he says.

"Our episode was their first crack at having an on-camera pig.

Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola and Ned the pig in a scene from Rosehaven.
Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola and Ned the pig in a scene from Rosehaven. Michael Brook

"Ned was good, but there were a few times when his continuity was thrown out the window.

"Celia and I are in the edit and I said 'If you think you're getting rid of my best take because the pig has turned around then you're sadly mistaken'."

Working with animals also comes with its perils.

"I had a moment where Ned was leaning on my shoulder in the car - he got to know Celia and I pretty well - and he sneezed right in my mouth. It was pretty gross," McGregor says.

In season three, Daniel is happily living with his girlfriend Grace (Katie Robertson), while Emma is still housemates with Barbara (Kris McQuade) - until she sells the family home without telling anyone.

This leads to a visit from her sister, Jenny (Genevieve Picot), the only person who can come close to getting under Barbara's skin.

"Genevieve was someone we auditioned for (the role of ) Barbara. We really liked her but she wasn't quite what we wanted but we wanted to use her somehow," McGregor says.

"It's great we could make her Barbara's sister. We've been trying to find something for her ever since season one.

"(Her character) Jenny is less harsh than Barbara and much better in social situations, but they don't get along at all."

Dustin Clare also makes a cameo as farmer Dan, Emma's new love interest.

"I tried not to stand next to him at any point for too long because he's so handsome," McGregor says. "I knew him from Spartacus and I thought it would be cool to work with him.

"Every time he was on set I would try to act a bit cooler."

Season three of Rosehaven premieres on Wednesday, January 30 at 8.30pm on ABC-TV.

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