The Commando times Phillipa Comino as she finishes off an intense two-hour training session.
The Commando times Phillipa Comino as she finishes off an intense two-hour training session.

Commando Steve is no loser

BIGGEST Loser tough guy Commando Steve isn’t so scary once the cameras have stopped rolling.

“He’s got a really soft side,” said part-owner of Emerald fitness centre Revive, Kassie Cooper.

Earlier this month, Kassie took some her members to train with the Commando in Rockhampton.

“It went for three hours on the Saturday and two hours on the Sunday,” explained Revive member Phillipa Comino.

“In all that time we only did 15 minutes of exercise and we were completely smashed.”

The Commando spoke about his childhood and time in the army, before introducing the Crossfit philosophy.

“He emphasizes learning to do the basic exercises effectively,” said Phillipa.

“Once you learn the technique, then you step the reps up. You do as many as you can in the shortest possible time.”

‘No excuses’ is Commando Steve’s no nonsense policy, explained Phillipa.

“He’s very motivating. When he’s standing there he’s so tough and strong; you want to do your best.”

Taking tips from the Commando, Kassie has transformed her gym classes at Revive.

“Since we came back I’ve done six Crossfit circuits in my studio and everyone is just loving it,” she said.

Towards the end of July, Kassie plans to take another group of members out to train with Biggest Loser boxer, Amazon.

“I’m trying to get a big team together; 20 to 25 people would be great,” she said.

Those interested in training with Amazon can contact Kassie on 0421 722 006.

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