COMMUTERS are in chaos after a mine blast split a vital Central Queensland road in two.

Mining giant Anglo American and Banana Shire Council are still investigating who is responsible to foot the bill for the damage to Gibihi Rd from the "routine" blast last Thursday.

For one Moura man, his 24km round trip to work has nearly quadrupled in distance and the local school bus has to "double back" through Banana to get children to school.

"It's a major transport route from Moura to the south and all those trucks will now need to go the long way round," a source told Biloela's The Central Telegraph.

"There's several families that live on the eastern end of the road that will now have up to 30km further to get to town and work in Moura."

The huge crack is believed to be a result of a mine black at Moura Mine.
The huge crack is believed to be a result of a mine black at Moura Mine. Julia Humphries.

Banana Shire Council Mayor, Nev Ferrier said although the road was owned by council, he was unable to comment on who would be paying for it until an investigation was complete.

The council issued a statement reporting it has organised for geotechnical engineers to attend the site to assess the damage in conjunction with Anglo American's Dawson Operations.

Depending on the level of damage, the statement says the road is anticipated to be closed until at least the December 31.

Cr Ferrier said the full extent of the damage "still needs to be determined" but the road would need to be "dug up more and start again".

He also could not confirm whether a temporary road would be constructed in the mean time.

Anglo American also did not confirm who would pay for the damage.

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