Company to claim back $60k after employee stole $200k

A ROCKHAMPTON company could be entitled to claim more than $60,000 after an employee siphoned $211,000 of company funds into a bank account which her husband also had access to.

A district court judgment was delivered at Rockhampton on Tuesday following a civil case between Zebra Wrecking Company Pty Ltd and two former employees - married couple Shannon Peta Parry and Wayne Lee Parry.

Mrs Parry was convicted of fraud in October last year after she stole $211,000 from the business between June 2010 and December 2011 while employed as the company's business manager and financial controller.

District Court Judge Michael Burnett said Mrs Parry created false invoices and entered false details into the company's computer system. A lot of the money went into a joint account which she and Mr Parry allegedly operated.

Mrs Parry is currently in jail serving a jail sentence of five years and four months and will be eligible for parole from later 2018.

Zebra Wrecking did not proceed in a legal case to claim money back from Mrs Parry as she had been declared bankrupt.

But the company fought to have a total $82,025 returned to them from Mr Parry, which Zebra Wrecking claimed he had benefited from.

Judge Burnett said in his judgment that Mr Parry swore that he did not oversee the joint account and that he left it to his wife to manage.

Mr Parry also said he only became aware of how the bank account was used after police informed him.

Judge Burnett found that Mr Parry had "constructive knowledge" of his wife's disposition of stolen money from or about March 2011 - about half way through Mrs Parry's offending period.

Judge Burnett did not accept that Zebra Wrecking was entitled to claim the entire $82,025 and found that the company could only succeed in claiming $62,394 from Mr Parry.

He ordered Zebra Wrecking circulate and submit a form of judgment, including interest and costs within a fortnight.

The judge also said Mr Parry was liable to pay Zebra Wrecking $346 for trespassing damages.

Mr Parry admitted he took a company laptop from the business to remove the hard drive.

The company claimed the cost of $346 to reinstall the hard drive into the laptop. - APN NEWSDESK

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