Dean Kasparian.
Dean Kasparian.

Dean Kasparian back on the prowl

A CONVICTED American conman who lures women through dating websites before sponging money off them is again prowling online, despite two victims asking sites to shut down his profiles.

Dean Kasparian, who was sentenced in Maroochydore District Court to six months’ jail for impersonating a federal police officer, says he is looking for someone to share his life with on dating website

Mr Kasparian goes by the username AV8R on and av802 on another dating website, PlentyofFish.

Hervey Bay woman Kim Tomlinson, who met Mr Kasparian on, said she was tricked into marrying the convicted fraudster in March so he could get a spouse visa.

Ms Tomlinson ended the relationship more than a month later when she discovered Mr Kasparian was on parole for fraud and faced fresh charges of stealing.

She contacted to get his profile shut down, but has not received a response.

A former girlfriend from Wurtulla, who met Mr Kasparian on PlentyofFish, contacted the website multiple times after federal police turned up at her door on February 27 last year and arrested him.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was contacted by someone from PlentyofFish who asked for Mr Kasparian’s phone number for the Australian Federal Police so they could verify her allegations, but his profile was never taken down.

Instead they put a warning on the website advising users not to give money to anyone they met on the site.

Ms Tomlinson said dating websites needed to be better monitored.

“If there is too much nudity they will shut down a profile, why can’t it be the same for people like him as well?” Ms Tomlinson said.

“Everyone makes up little stories online but women need to be aware not everyone is safe. You need to be very careful about how much information you give and how much research you do.”

Ms Tomlinson, who is a single mother with three children, is now struggling to pay off a $1000 phone bill rung up by Mr Kasparian, who she said also fleeced her of $3500.

The Daily contacted both PlentyofFish and but received no response.

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