Convicted Ipswich pot trafficker gets to keep his house

A CONVICTED Ipswich marijuana trafficker has won his case in Queensland's highest court after the state government tried to confiscate his home of almost 40 years under proceeds of crime laws.

Peter Joseph Deadman pleaded guilty last year to producing and trafficking drugs and admitted he had made about $9000 from selling marijuana.

The State of Queensland applied to confiscate his Riverview home but last year the supreme court ordered against this because it was not in the public interest.

At the time, Deadman's legal team argued that Deadman and his wife had bought the Riverview home in 1977 for $27,000. The couple had paid off the home and the original mortgage was discharged in 1994.

Deadman re-mortgaged his home in order to buy his wife's interest in it when they divorced. He also re-mortgaged his house to pay his legal fees once he was charged with the drug offences and to pay off a credit card.

The previous supreme court justice said Deadman had no assets other than his home and a car worth $3000.

"It seems to me not in the public interest to render the respondent financially and socially vulnerable, so that he no longer has the security of owning his home…" the supreme court justice said at the time.

The State of Queensland took this to the court of appeal, claiming the supreme court justice had made an error when considering Deadman's personal circumstances within the scope of public interest.

But the Queensland Court of Appeal upheld this previous decision.

In a judgment handed down on Thursday afternoon, Justice Anthe Philippides said it was open for the supreme court justice to consider Deadman's personal circumstances and they had not made an error.

The State Government's appeal was dismissed.

Deadman's case set a precedent for a Bundaberg man who is also before the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Following the judgment in Deadman, Ronald Edward Thompson was granted permission to provide further evidence in his case.

Last year a judge ordered Thompson forfeit his property and savings account to the state government but he is appealing this. - ARM NEWSDESK

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