Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby

Corby comes out swinging on media deal claims

MERCEDES Corby has hit back at claims her sister has signed a $2 million media deal as the Indonesia government warns Schapelle against doing media interviews on parole.

Mercedes released a video statement in response to recent media speculation about the reported payments.

"Recent media reports about payments to Schapelle for an interview are completely wrong," she said.

"The sums being reported are ridiculous. When Schapelle is ready to speak, the parole officers will be informed."

Ms Corby also hit back at Queensland Premier Campbell Newman who had said his government would investigate whether profiting from an interview would break the law.

She questioned why the State Government contributed a reported $560,000 to Nine's telemovie about he sister's case which she said was inaccurate.

Corby has been holed up in the luxury Sentosa Seminyak resort since her release from jail after reportedly striking a deal with Channel 7.

When Corby was released from jail, veteran journalist Mike Willesee was reported to have jumped into the black van with her.

Corby served nine years of a 15-year sentence in jail after being convicted of smuggling 4.1 kilograms of marijuana into Indonesia in 2004.

On Friday, the ABC reported that a senior member of the Indonesian government said it would be wise for Schapelle Corby to avoid doing media interviews.

Deputy justice minister Denny Indrayana, in Bali for a departmental meeting, told the media that it is better for her to avoid any action that would trigger a review of her parole conditions, including giving an interview that could be interpreted badly by the public.

He says Corby has freedom of speech, but she needs to be mindful of how she uses it, "because it's conditional release, it may create a condition that is not good for her".

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