Coronavirus QLD: all you need to know today


Queensland has recorded its lowest rise in COVID-19 cases since early March, with just five new cases recorded overnight.

The state's tally now sits at 999.

Meanwhile the number of mystery Queensland coronavirus cases, where disease detectives have been unable to track down a source for the infection, has risen to 39.

Gold Coast sex workers and massage parlours are flouting social distancing laws and still offering their services on online classifieds sites.

Some offering their usual services, others make references to the pandemic while some mention how they are disinfecting after each client.

And on the Sunshine Coast a photographer has been recording history during the COVID-19 lockdown to give families something to look back on with future generations.



Prime Minister Scott Morrison has implored teachers to return to classrooms, as he warns the education of students hangs in the balance.
As our nation fights this coronavirus, your role has become even more important,'' Mr Morrison says.

"Your students and their families are relying on you more than ever.

Meanwhile in NSW the state government has announced a special commission of inquiry to investigate the handling of the Ruby Princess which is expected to leave Australian waters on Sunday.

In other news, US President Donald Trump has announced America will no longer give funding to the World Health Organisation.
"Our countries are now experiencing - look all over the world - tremendous death and economic devastation because those tasked with protecting us by being truthful and transparent failed to do so," he said.

A supermarket manager has ripped into a stockpiler who tried to get a refund on almost 5000 rolls of toilet paper he couldn't sell online.

And Hollywood star Tom Hanks and actress wife Rita Wilson suffered "extreme side effects" when they were treated with a controversial drug in Australia after contracting COVID-19.



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