Cost-of-living bill fiercely debated

FIERCE debate surrounded the Queensland Government's attempt to reduce cost-of-living pressures with demands for the changes to be properly scrutinised.

The LNP wasted no time in its first full parliament sitting day on Thursday moving to urgently push through two bills.

Changes to the make-up of parliamentary committees, established to scrutinise legislation and invite public submissions, were introduced and will be debated in June.

The path to fast-track cost-of-living legislation was not so easy.

The hotly debated bill involved a freeze on car registration and the domestic electricity tariff for a year alongside the reinstatement of the stamp duty concession.

Independent Nicklin MP Peter Wellington said he supported the concept but criticised the changes for not going through a parliamentary committee.

"If there was some urgency and you knew what you were going to do, why did you leave it to two minutes ago to push it through?" Mr Wellington asked the LNP.

Mr Wellington said the Opposition and independents did not have the opportunity to read the bill before they came into parliament.

Mackay MP Tim Mulherin was not against easing cost of living pressures but he opposed the way the changes were urgently pushed through.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said there would be time for reflection and time for people to understand it.

"It just won't go through the parliamentary committee," he said.

"People are getting fairly hot under the collar."

The bill will be debated on June 5.

Changes to Queensland's hospital and health board system was introduced and passed on to the health and disabilities committee.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said changes would decentralise the health system and make boards more accountable.

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