IT'S A WRAP: The local cotton fields were scattered with pink as farmers support the McGrath Foundation.
IT'S A WRAP: The local cotton fields were scattered with pink as farmers support the McGrath Foundation. Contributed

Cotton fields turn pink

AS THE father of four daughters, Neek Morawitz felt a duty to support the McGrath Foundation and turn the local cotton farm pink.

The Comet cotton farmer jumped on board with the Breast Cancer Awareness initiative as a way of creating a conversation within the community.

"I guess it's something different on the landscapes, it certainly stands out when the pink bales are on the paddocks,” Mr Morawitz said.

"I think the great thing about it is, it does become a point of conversation.

"They are highly visible from a great distance away, they are seen by lots of people and that makes people ask the question and, in doing so, have the conversation about what it's about.”

The initiative was originally created by Tapex Agri, who through the distinctive coloured bale wrap, have raised more than $65,000 to date for the McGrath Foundation, directly helping families in rural communities.

Mr Morawitz said the distribution of the different coloured wrap was a great way of allowing farmers around the region to get involved and support the initiative.

"I'm very aware, I know lots of people who have fought and are fighting the battles,” he said.

"I'm a father of four daughters and I am all too aware of the statistics.

"It's a good, novel way for the whole cotton industry to support the initiative,” he said. "John Deere is the company that makes the wrap and our local dealership Vanderfield's is the dealership who distributes the wrap, and then there's the farmers who buy the wrap.

"It's an initiative born across the whole chain.”

Most people know of someone, family or friend, who has been affected by breast cancer, and Mr Morawitz believes that this small contribution can make a big difference.

"It's been a way that the cotton industry has been able to support and create some awareness too, which in the bigger picture just helps.”

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