Ian Forbes believes he has the means to eject Peter Slipper from his seat of Fisher and as the Speaker of the House.
Ian Forbes believes he has the means to eject Peter Slipper from his seat of Fisher and as the Speaker of the House. Barry Leddicoat

Could the people remove Slipper?

COULD people power oust controversial Member for Fisher Peter Slipper from Parliament?

An Alexandra Headland resident hopes to have the LNP "rat" and recently appointed Speaker sacked in what he believes will be an Australian first.

But Ian Forbes' ambitious plan requires the support of more than 40,000 of Mr Slipper's constituents.

Mr Forbes plans to put a motion of no confidence in Mr Slipper to the Governor-General.

The former serviceman, who has spent 15 years studying the Constitution and laws of Australia as a personal interest, said the Governor-General had the power to sack a member if the majority of constituents demanded it.

"We're just exercising our democratic rights, common law," he said.

Mr Forbes said "50% plus one" of Fisher's more than 83,000 registered voters needed to sign the motion for it to succeed.

He has posted flyers inviting Fisher voters to a "sign on" at Alexandra Headland, north of the surf club, on Boxing Day from 8am.

Mr Forbes admitted he would be lucky to get 1000 people to the sign on but described it as a "kick off".

He plans to collect signatures from throughout the electorate and present the motion to the Governor-General before Parliament returns in February.

"It's going to make history. It's never been done before. The people of Australia have never been able to remove a member of parliament between elections," he said.

Mr Forbes has asked for a gold coin donation from those who sign the motion to cover his costs. Those unable to sign in person can write to PO Box 5, Cotton Tree, 4558.

However, a political expert cast doubt on whether Mr Forbes' plan could succeed.

Scott Prasser, Professor of Public Policy at the Australian Catholic University, said every signature on the motion would have to be verified by the Australian Electoral Commission and there was no precedent or law for it to do so.

"There's no law for this sort of process," he said.

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