SWORN IN: Mayor Anne Baker and Simon West at Cr West's Declaration of Office.
SWORN IN: Mayor Anne Baker and Simon West at Cr West's Declaration of Office. Contributed

Council's fresh eyes

SIMON West was sworn in as an appointed councillor of Isaac Regional Council on April 24.

Cr West has held a variety of positions throughout his working career, which he believes will serve him well in his role with Isaac council.

"I've been in the hospitality and licensed club industry in Victoria and I'm currently the president of the Goonyella Riverside CFMEU as well as being elected to the Queensland Board of Management for the Mining and Energy Division of the CFMEU,” CrWest said.

"I think my time on the Board of Management for the CFMEU is time well served as far as understanding good corporate governance.

"My time in hospitality has certainly helped in the respect that I can find it fairly easy to communicate with people and get to the bottom of what people are really talking about.”

Pleased with the council's recent direction, he applied for a role when the opportunity arose.

"I've always enjoyed the way and direction of the council in the last half a dozen years.

"When Peter Freeleagus resigned I saw a vacancy that I thought I could bring a fresh set of eyes,” Cr West said.

"I'm the sort of person that likes to be involved, I don't necessarily wait for other people to do things. I like to be in the room and help make the decisions.”

Cr West wouldn't reveal the new ideas he had for the Isaac region, rather he highlighted the amount of work he and the Isaac council had in motion.

"I think it's important for me first to get an understanding of the budgetary constraints and the plans that are already going on within the region,” Cr West said.

"I've been in the role less than a week and already I can't believe how much work is in progress and how far down the road we are on a number of objectives.

"It's an amazing amount of work this council does.”

Given the anti-Adani protests and arrest of a horse rider in Clermont in recent days, Cr West shared his views on the situation in Clermont.

"I do agree everyone has the right to protest and voice their opinion. I'm very supportive of coal mining and coal mining communities - I've been a coal miner for around 17years,” Cr West said.

"If the Greens and anti-coal people really want to do something, they should concentrate on reducing the demand, don't stop the supply.

"They can do that down in Melbourne and Brisbane.”

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