GREAT MOMENT: Clermont photographer Kate Keyte will have her work on display at the Australian Outback Spectacular.
GREAT MOMENT: Clermont photographer Kate Keyte will have her work on display at the Australian Outback Spectacular. Kate Keyte

Country living put on show

CLERMONT local and "hobby” photographer Kate Keyte is planning a trip to the Gold Coast's Australian Outback Spectacular so she can see her own pictures on the big screen at the famous tourist venue.

Ms Keyte was at home when she received an email from the Outback Spectacular, saying they had "fallen in love” with the Dan McIntosh books, Outback Stations and Outback Mates, and were requesting her permission to use some of her photographs published in the books.

The email read: "We would love to feature the images that you contributed to these books on screen in our show and on the walls in the venue”.

"The screen would entail a montage projected on the stage wall while featuring John Williamson's iconic song True Blue.”

This week, Ms Keyte said she was "very excited” about the display, which is currently featuring for a month, and she was hoping to make the trip with her children, Bonnie and Michael, to see it.

"What an honour to be asked to be part of the Australian Outback Spectacular.”

She said she liked to take pictures of the bush and "our everyday lives”.

"If I find something that pleases my eye, I've got to get my camera out and take a picture,” Ms Keyte said.

"The Australian outback is such a diverse area, from its red dirt to its trees to its cattle and to the people who live there.

"I'm pretty proud to be country.”

The second eldest of nine children - she has three brothers and five sisters - Kate lives in Clermont with her husband and two children. She has lived in the town since she was two, and her mother and sisters also live locally.

She said Outback Spectacular organisers wanted "real-life photos of people who live on the stations”.

"So that's why they chose the Outback Mates book - they looked at the book and wanted to include them in the show.”

She said some of her 'typical' photos included her grandchildren who live in Clermont - siblings Mia, 10, Damon 14, and Andrew, 15 - playing in the dam.

"It's part of our everyday life - people live in the city and they've never got to have a mudslide in a dam or muster cattle.

"I just hope people enjoy them as much I enjoy taking them. This is part of my life and what I'm used to seeing.

"I just like to show people what our Australian bush is like - a pretty fantastic and amazing place.”

Ms Keyte said she was always intrigued and in awe of the photo opportunities surrounding her in the outback.

"I've lived in the country all my life, and there's always a surprise somewhere and always something nice to see in the bush.”

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