Court fines noisy drug advocate

WHEN police found marijuana on David Allen Roberts he told them "his army needs his green".

The 57-year-old found himself in the Yeppoon Magistrates court earlier this month charged with possessing a dangerous drug, possessing a utensil, public nuisance and possessing a knife in a public place.

On August 21 Roberts was intercepted pushing a bike along Barymaree Rd and was extremely agitated and smelt of marijuana.

He was found to have 21.4 grams of the drug on him and was carrying a bong in a bag hanging from his handle bars.

At the Yeppoon Magistrates Court on September 5, Roberts caused quite a stir when he became very animated in advocating for the legalisation of marijuana.

Police prosecutor Paige Barrow said Roberts was yelling at staff and the police had to remove him.

She said he then continued to yell outside the courthouse, and was so loud that officers inside the police station next door could hear him.

He was then arrested for public nuisance and a search revealed an ornamental Arabian knife in his shoulder bag.

Duty Lawyer David Eaddy said Roberts was fairly well known in the Capricorn Coast community and always spoke in a very loud voice. He said Roberts had bought the knife a long time ago and carried it with him as he feared it might be stolen if he left it at home.

Mr Eaddy said Roberts had switched from alcohol to marijuana in 1987 and had since become a staunch believer that it should be legalised.

Magistrate Annette Hennessy fined Roberts a total of $750.

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