The Dennison Creek crossing, 16km from Nebo on the Oxford Downs-Sarina Road.
The Dennison Creek crossing, 16km from Nebo on the Oxford Downs-Sarina Road. Peter Holt

Body, truck retrieved from creek

EMERGENCY services have retrieved a truck and its dead driver from Denison Creek near Nebo after it ploughed into a flooded causeway on Tuesday.

The crumpled wreck was extracted about midday.

Fire crews used the jaws of life to extract the man’s body once the wreck was on land.

Hazardous conditions delayed efforts

Raging water and hazardous conditions had forced Queensland Police Service divers to suspend efforts to recover the body yesterday.

Mackay police search and rescue co-ordinator Sergeant Tim Henderson said divers and emergency and SES crews worked around the clock to recover the vehicle, which was swept from the Denison Creek crossing, 16km from Nebo on Tuesday.

However, due to mud and silt in the creek they were unable to retrieve the dead driver, who was still trapped in the submerged vehicle late last night.

“The rate of the water was a danger to the divers and they were unable to do a full investigation,” Sgt Henderson said.

“We are hoping tomorrow (today) to remove the body from the vehicle.

“There is zero visibility in the creek.

“The creek has also had water in it for most of the year so there is an issue of running water.

“The divers have been working around the clock in very hazardous conditions.”

Sgt Henderson said they attempted to pull the vehicle out of the water, however, the cable attached snapped several times.

“The car it seems is embedded deep in the sand.”

He said police were notified of a missing person early yesterday morning – a 51-year old man who is believed to be a transport contractor who was driving a three-tonne flatbed truck.

Sgt Henderson said police were yet to confirm if there was any link between the missing man and the deceased driver.

“Our focus has now shifted to recovering the deceased from the vehicle to bring some closure for the family,” he said.

Sgt Henderson said finding the exact location of the submerged vehicle proved a challenge as there were several other vehicles in the creek from previous incidents.

On site, yesterday were SES crews the QFRS swift-water rescue, Whitsunday Water Police and the Mackay police search and rescue coordinators.

“SES have located on the banks of the creek a jacket, which may be the victim's jacket, along with a bag and document papers,” he said.

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