Lana Del Rey is raising eyebrows after her Saturday Night Live shocker.
Lana Del Rey is raising eyebrows after her Saturday Night Live shocker. Contributed

Critics slay Lana Del Ray

CHECK out our latest batch of all the best links from around the web, including Lana Del Rey's tuneless Saturday Night Live performance

1. She's just 25, she's released two acclaimed singles and she's got a face that can make grown men weep. Lana Del Rey proved she can make people cry with her voice too, thanks to a horrendous guest appearance on Saturday Night Live in which the warbling New York singer proved she can't hold a tune to save herself across two tracks, Video Games and Blue Junes. Everyone from Juliette Lewis to NBC anchor Brian Williams hated it. If you like having windows, don't turn it up too loud. (Pitchfork)

2. Check out the trailer for West of Memphis, a documentary on the West Memphis Three produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh that will get its first airing at the Sundance Film Festival this very weekend.

You're not going? Lame.

3. Here's the new track from Crosses, the witch-house-slash-dubsteppy side-project from Deftones front man Chino Moreno. Prurient is a more poppy take on the band's atmospheric electro-rock, but if Chino's involved, I'm there with bells on. (Rolling Stone)

4. Speaking of side-projects, what's so wrong with De La Soul that they need to branch out? Whatever their reasons, just be thankful for the new single Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along from First Serve, featuring De La's Plug 1 and Plug 2. And make sure you wave your hands in the air like you just don't care - this is hip-hoppy backpack rap at its finest. (Pitchfork)

5. Wondering what Harry Potter would look like in 2020? Here's an excellent skit from Saturday Night Live, featuring older versions of all the stars. Glad Daniel Radcliffe's sense of humour hasn't left him. (YouTube)

6. If you like yourself a bit of Girl Talk, then check out the new mash-up track from AraabMuzik, Rubberband Stacks, taken from an upcoming mixtape called Instrumental University. If you don't have ADD by the end of it, you're taking too much Ritalin. (PMA)

7. Book yourself a neck massage because you'll need it after headbanging to this fiery new track from hyped Brooklyn boy-girl duo Sleigh Bells. Comeback Kid is from the noiseniks' second album Reign of Terror, a title that they're sure to live up to its title when it's released on February 21. (Pitchfork)

8. If you like yourself a bit of Wes Anderson, you're gonna love the look of his new film Moonrise Kingdom, starring everyone from Bruce WIllis and Tilda Swinton to Edward Norton and - yep - Bill Murray. Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be out back. I'm gonna go find a tree to chop down. (Apple)

9. If you haven't heard A$AP Rocky's 2011 mixtape LiveLoveA$AP then I feel sorry for you. Here are two new tracks from the hyped rapper, the Lana Del Rey sampling Hands on the Wheel and the uplifting party anthem Celebration. I do not pick favourites and love both of them equally. (PMA)

10. Stormtrooper cake! With an edible mask! When's my birthday again? Mum? (Gizmodo)

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