Alexandra Croak.
Alexandra Croak.

Coffs girl wins gold in Delhi

UNTIL Sunday night, no athlete had claimed gold medals in two different sports in 70 years of Commonwealth Games competition.

But Alex Croak changed all that by combining with Melissa Wu to win the 10m synchro diving gold, making a pigeon pair for the artistic gymnastics gold she won at the Manchester Games in 2002.

Back home at Diggers Beach, father Mike expressed the sheer joy being felt by Alex’s family and friends.

“I spoke to Alex just after they won and she’s over the moon,” he revealed.

“She is a bit of a tiger and I reckon this moment will change her life.

“I’m pretty excited as she deserves it as reward for all her effort.

“Before the event her coach knew the significance of what she was attempting but I believe he kept it from her so she didn’t feel the pressure.”

Mike is baffled why his daughter chose two disciplines where the slightest mistake in competition can be catastrophic.

“Gymnastics and diving are totally nerve-wracking,” he said.

“Make one error in judgment and it’s nearly impossible to recover.

“But she’s got nerves of steel, she’s a real tiger.”

He feels she’ll soon announce a tilt at an Olympic gold medal.

“London in two years will be the next stop.

“After that, she may find other things to do because training five hours every day since she was little has taken a lot out of her ... don’t know how she does it..”

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