Cruet Duet adds flavour to salad mix

SALADS, roasted vegetables, meats and fish can all benefit from a drizzle of infused oil or flavoured vinegar - the key is not to overdo it.

Kuhn Rikon has perfected the art of the perfectly measured condiment by developing the Bistro Oil and Vinegar Cruet.

These beautifully streamlined, clear glass flasks hold oils and vinegars - and even marinades for basting but their secret is in the fitted lid.

Each lid features an adjustable pouring spout with three settings to suit the viscosity of different liquids.

By simply turning the top of the lid the user accesses each setting - setting one is recommended for vinegars, number two is for oils and number three for oils, balsamic glazes and marinades.

No spills, no mess and no drips.

The Kuhn Rikon Bistro Oil and Vinegar Cruets are made from glass and BPA-free, food safe plastic.

They come in red, green, black and white and retail for $12.95 each.


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