The cute, funny and clever things kids say: Part 4

HAS a child you know said something cute, funny or unusual that's put a smile on your face? Leave a comment below to tell us about it, and check out the funny things our Facebook friends have to say:

Squeeze harder

My 8 year old son asked me to "squeeze a little harder " when I cuddled him "so it could make him stop growing up".

Cecily Stewart

I can be a dear

My 6 year old and his daddy were playing, when my partner's knee started acting up again bringing a halt to their rough and tumble running around play. Master 6 asked "would you like me to get your knee brace from the car daddy?", which daddy answered "no it's ok mate".

Master 6 then said "It's ok, I can do it, I can be a dear".

Chewie Bec Ridge

Information session

My son was 13 and I was a single mother at the time and I thought I better have a birds and bees (sex) talk with him, he says "what do you want to know Mum".

Tracey Schneider

Nail in the sky

We went outside with my 3 year old daughter and in the sky she spotted a half moon and she said: "Mummy is that a finger nail in the sky".

Julie Mogford

Hairy hash browns

While plucking my eyebrows last night my partner said "what are you doing", my 3 year old replied... "Mum's plucking her hash browns". 

Rikstar Corks

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