Dad and daughter done for drugs

A MAN'S daughter took his cannabis to school to sell it, an Ipswich court heard.

Russell John Faulkner was dobbed in by his child after she was suspended for bringing drugs to school to distribute.

On October 14 police searched Faulkner's house and found 29.8g of cannabis and a pipe.

Defence lawyer Yasser Khan said his 46-year-old client was only ever using the drugs for personal use.

Mr Khan said Faulkner admitted he had set a bad example for his daughter.

"He was co-operative and led police to where the cannabis was stored," Mr Khan said.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said having the drugs accessible in the house was a concerning factor.

Faulkner pleaded guilty to one count each of possessing dangerous drugs and utensils.

Faulkner was fined $750.

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