Wilson Turner of South Lismore tucking into a Dagwood dog as Belinda Stewart of McDonalds catering looks on.
Wilson Turner of South Lismore tucking into a Dagwood dog as Belinda Stewart of McDonalds catering looks on.

Dagwood Dogs still a favourite

SOME people say they are the ultimate show food, but others are less flattering of the unusual delicacy known as the Dagwood dog.

Dagwood dogs are traditionally eaten at Australian festivals, fairs and regional shows.

Like seeing Ferris wheels, show bags and animal displays, you know you're at a regional show if you're eating a Dagwood dog.

And if the North Coast National is anything to go by, they haven't gone out of fashion.

Belinda Stewart of McDonalds Catering said she had been serving Dagwood dogs all day.

"I'd say from 12.30pm to 1.30pm we had the biggest rush and I probably sold about 40 in 20 minutes," she said.

Dagwood dogs are made out of a sausage that's fried in batter.

At $5 a pop, Ms Stewart said they are one of the most popular foods at show time.

"This is the biggest show on the North Coast so we do sell a lot. You would obviously sell more in Sydney but Lismore is bigger than the Casino and Kyogle shows so we would sell the most here."

Turner Wilson of Lismore South said Dagwood dogs remind him of his childhood.

"I don't really buy them as an adult but as a child I suppose they were pretty easy to eat," he said. "It's just a show thing but I wouldn't let my kids eat them because I don't think there's much nutritional value in them."

The dogs are fried fresh in batter and Ms Stewart said that may be the source of their appeal.

"From what people have been saying Dagwoods at the show are better than what you can buy in the shop. Maybe it's because the batter is made here on the premises not bought in a pack. So for a lot of people show time is the only time they eat them."

President of the Lismore CWA, Jan Clifford, said she recognised the appeal of Dagwood dogs but she would rather people ate scones from the CWA tent instead.

"Personally I would not buy one but they do come part and parcel with a show," she said. "The scones might be a better choice for people but children do like Dagwood dogs."

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