Daniel Rose is yet to come across a dog he can’t train.
Daniel Rose is yet to come across a dog he can’t train.

Dan lends hand for difficult dogs

WE all know how frustrating a barking dog can be in the neighbourhood, but Daniel Rose might just have the answer to busting those puppy habits.

Daniel has been training dogs for the past seven years and said they could all be taught new tricks, whether young or old.

The 28-year-old moved to Emerald from Brisbane about four months ago with his Kadan K9 dog training business and has been loving it ever since.

Daniel said he heard Emerald had a gap in the market for dog training, so decided to bring his tricks of the trade to the area.

Having trained dogs for competitions, obedience trials, security and detection, Daniel knows what he is doing and said he had yet to come across a dog he couldn’t train.

Now focusing on pet dogs only, Daniel can help curb those annoying behavioural issues including puppy training, barking, chewing, jumping, aggression, digging and separation issues.

He said the most common issues he trained for were dogs pulling on leads while walking, not responding to their name when being called and sit and stay commands.

“A lot of people have issues with their dogs, because they really get treated like kids these days,” he said.

Daniel got into the dog training business as an alternative career choice.

“I actually wanted to be a police dog handler,” he said.

He said he loved being able to help people with their pets, but that it was also up to owners to commit to a training regime for a successful outcome.

“If the owners follow through with the program, they will get results,” he said.

While many dog trainers choose to run group sessions, Daniel said he preferred a one-on-one approach.

“I run private lessons rather than group sessions because I personally feel that one-on-one sessions cover a lot more and we can get the problem fixed,” he said.

He said while barking was a big issue in close-knit neighbourhoods, dogs mainly barked when their owners weren’t home so they were unaware of the issue.

Daniel said it was a good idea for people to let their neighbours know of barking dogs – politely, of course.

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