Dangerous crim wrote off stolen car in Ipswich smash

A DRUG addict high on a cocktail of methamphetamine and marijuana who stole the Holden Commodore his female companion had been driving smashed it into a semi-trailer on a sharp bend causing $26,000 worth of damage.

Richard Douglas Bell had held a knife to the woman' driver's throat, saying "I will f------ kill you".

The incident took place on January 20, 2016, when the victim was forced to flee the Commodore and leave her handbag on the seat containing $600.

Bell drove the car towards Camira and crossed on to the wrong side of the road, colliding with a semi-trailer.

The car was written off, Bell was knocked unconscious and the truckie injured.

At the time, Bell had been under the influence of ice and marijuana.

Inala man Bell appeared in the Ipswich District Court this week with a string of other offences to his name, including one in which he stabbed a female flatmate's hand over an argument about medication in June 2015.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC heard how Bell had told the female house mate "don't f--k me around, bitch.

"I've killed before in jail".

"I'm going to cut your hand off," Bell said.

Bell later apologised to the woman for the hand stabbing.

Bell, 48, who'd already spent 15 months in custody, pleaded guilty to offences including dangerous operation of a vehicle when adversely affected by an intoxicating substance; unlawfully wound; assaults causing bodily harm when armed; robbery armed/use personal violence; unlawful use of a vehicle; two counts of entering a dwelling to offend; entering a dwelling with intent by break; and drug possession.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson said his criminal history was appalling, littered as it was with burglaries, assaults, unlawful use of cars and an assault of a prisoner who'd refused him oral sex.

Bell had previously punched a watch-house officer whose arm was caught in a cell door hatch.

Ms Thompson said Bell had been sentenced to jail 16 times.

Defence barrister Patrick Wilson said Bell was under the influence of ice and anxiety drug Xanax when Bell had commandeered the car and could not recall the events.

"It was a spur of the moment thing. It wasn't planned. He has suffered a life-long addiction to drugs following a serious assault when in a government institution," Mr Wilson said.

"At 22, he was a heroin user and was using daily."

Mr Wilson said Bell's drug use worsened after his partner died in 2013, although Bell was said not to have used drugs for 15 months.

Judge Lynch said it was "a sad thing" to see a man of his age charged with such serious offences and that the community would soon be happy to leave him in jail or that Bell would die from his misadventures.

He said Bell must take responsibility for his own future.

Bell was sentenced to six years' jail for the armed robbery, 18 months for the wounding, and to lesser jail terms for his other offences.

Bell was ordered to serve six more months (on the 15 months already served). He can apply for parole on September 1.

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