Dangerous driver cops a heavy fine

TARSHA Mary Lowe’s actions on May 25 were an “accident just waiting to happen”, according to Magistrate Cameron Press.

Ms Lowe was clocked by Eden police doing 159kmh in the 100kmh zone on the Peak Downs Hwy on her way to Mackay to catch a flight to Melbourne.

She was on her way to see her mother in a Melbourne hospital who was recovering from a traffic crash hours earlier.

“That was all the more reason she should’ve been more careful,” Mgst Press said after prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen told the court on Monday witnesses had contacted police, concerned about Ms Lowe’s driving manner.

Sgt Ongheen said one witness saw a yellow sedan overtake on double lines on Lonely Creek Bridge, which was part of an apex swerving left bend with an obstructed view of oncoming traffic, about 8.20am.

Another witness saw the same car overtake another vehicle before a traffic controller, who also gave a statement to police, spotted Ms Lowe talking on a mobile phone while she drove through road works at Retreat Creek.

At 8.30am, Eden police, headed in a westerly direction, spotted an oncoming yellow sedan near Hogans Pocket Rd cross double white lines and activated the speed radar.

Sgt Ongheen said the initial speed recorded was 159kmh, but decreased rapidly to 143km in a 100kmh zone.

Officers intercepted the car when Ms Lowe admitted she was speeding and conceded it was dangerous.

Solicitor Roland Pianta tendered two character references and a defensive driving course completion certificate to the court.

He said his client, 21, had invested a lot of money to move to Emerald to take up a position in the mining industry, which she still held.

“She accepts it was foolish and dangerous, and is fortunate it didn’t end in disaster,” Mr Pianta said.

“It’s quite contradictory,” Mgst Press interjected.

“The fact her mother was hurt in a crash and then drive in this manner.”

Ms Lowe pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

She was fined $900 and disqualified for six months.

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